Be Clear

By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail

BCM Cockpit

In the cockpit we use unique tools and aids that have proven themselves over decades and have made a significant contribution to today’s safety culture in aviation

You too can benefit from these tools and take a seat in your own cockpit.

The BCM Cockpit is a unique model that can transfer the best ideas from the airplane into your company to give you permanent control over safety problems and crisis situations.

Smart Documentation

With the Smart Documentation approach, your manuals will not gather dust in the closet.

You will be able to find and apply the correct checklist for every situation.

Planning acc. Fuelplanning

As little as possible, as much as necessary and always with safety in mind.

Approach the evaluation and analysis of your processes and products with completely new approaches.

Find out how safety and (cost) efficiency do not have to be mutually exclusive.


In the cockpit, pilots always have their most important instruments in view. The values ​​of the so-called BasicT form the basis for a safe flight.

Understand that and how the most important parameters of your company are interrelated and interact.

We help you to organize the parameters and to interpret them correctly at all times.

Briefing / De-Briefing

We show you how you can use structured briefings and de-briefings not only to weld your team together but also to continuously improve your processes.

Decision Making

Endless discussions without result are unfortunately still the order of the day.

We show you how you can make structured and result-oriented decisions and check their implementation.

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