Be Prepared

Forget the mistake – remember the lesson

Errors can have unpredictable consequences. Mistakes can cause lasting damage to you and your company. Mistakes have to be avoided – and yet they cannot be ruled out.

But you can learn from every mistake. The greater harm would be to cover up or ignore mistakes.
Continuous Improvement means the chance to seize the lesson learned and to perfect structures and procedures more and more.


The best plan is useless if no one can apply it.

An intensive training program is therefore essential on the way to improving corporate resilience.

We not only have the necessary technical expertise *, but also many years of training experience. We would also be happy to create individual training plans for you.

  • aim 4 safety model
  • BCM cockpit
  • Change management
  • Innovation management
  • Introduction to Safety Management Systems *
  • Introduction to Business Continuity Management Systems *
  • Introduction to Quality Management Systems *
  • Special Assistance Team (e-learning with virtual reality) *
  • Crisis communication *

* If necessary, we work together with our network for training, especially CrisisVR, to guarantee you the best possible offer.


Regular exercises are not only partially required by law, but are necessary and helpful for checking the procedures and understanding of the role of each individual.

What is played through several times in exercises loses its horror when it has to be applied in real life.

In aviation, this type of training was established decades ago with the use of simulators. And it will also bring out a whole new culture in your company.

Correctly carried out exercises are time-consuming to plan and organize and, especially when it comes to the feedback afterwards, it is advisable to commission an objective, external body to do so.

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