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Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends

aim4safety Model

Excellence and practicality do not have to be mutually exclusive: practical, simple and immediately applicable without any administrative effort – that is the aim 4 safety model.

A unique combination of the puzzle pieces and KISS – keep it stupid simple.

Similar to the flight school, we accompany you from the first conversation to the exam so that you are in control of the steering in the future.

4 elements together lead to long-term success in order to both proactively avoid crises and react quickly and efficiently to disruptions.

4 factors that sustainably increase a company’s resilience.

What is resilience exactly? In English, resilience refers to the ability of a material to return to its old shape after it has been bent. The faster, the more resilient the material is.

This picture is very nicely applicable to a company. And every company can increase its own resilience by actively implementing the 4 elements.

But not every company has the resources and also not the necessity to introduce each element individually as a complete management system.

With the aim4safety model you get a unique tool that brings you the practical advantages of all puzzle components without the administrative effort behind them.

We will introduce a model for you that is adapted to you and your company needs, which is easy to implement in practice and still brings the efficiency you need to sustainably increase resilience.

Flight Safety

As an aviation company, you have very specific safety requirements.
The basis for this should be a functioning safety management system. For small companies or clubs in particular, this means an almost unmanageable mountain of tasks and responsibilities.

We do not leave you alone. Benefit from special offers for your new safety level. We help you with:

  • Documentation
  • Safety culture issues
  • Reporting systems
  • Training and awareness campaigns

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