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Kerstin Mumenthaler

Consultant – Trainer – Speaker
Kerstin is your wingman for Safety

Even at school I had the title of “servant of the air”. I never wanted to do anything but fly and broaden my own horizons. With my Abitur certificate in hand, I got on the plane to Mexico and since then have never been back to my home city of Nuremberg for more than 3 days at a time. After the language stay and a short excursion as a flight attendant at Lufthansa, I was quickly 100% sure:

Calling a pilot – and nothing else.

Nevertheless, I have always pursued my own backup concept and therefore also completed the MSc Air Safety Management in London at the same time. That was ultimately the basis for many lively activities in recent years:

I wrote my master’s thesis on cockpit / cabin communication, and I set up safety, risk and reporting management for the Airbus fleet at airberlin. With the implementation of an operational crisis management at airberlin – unfortunately also with a few real assignments – and the implementation of what I have learned in numerous independent projects, the logical cycle to safety has closed for me.

Today, I have over 6000 flight hours in my logbook, I am a Member of the Business Continuity Institute and Founder and Managing Director of aim4safety. In addition, as Managing Director, I am a proud member of the CrisisVR Ltd board.

I am always looking for new challenges and the industry leadership standard. Standing still is nothing for me and so numerous certificates and further training adorn my path, currently at the University of St. Gallen HSG with the CAS course Change & Innovation Management.

The idea for aim4safety came about when I came into contact with other branches of industry during the BCM certification. The realization that the aviation standards are very good and detailed in many areas also brought about the desire to pass on their own experiences.

What initially took shape as aviation in medicine, very quickly became aviation in management. In the future, every branch of industry should be able to benefit from the ideas and quality standards of one of the most professional branches in the world.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize the individuality of every single customer. With aim4safety there will be no general solutions, but exclusively tailor-made offers that need not shy away from the industry leadership standard comparison.

I am very proud and happy to be able to fall back on a great team for aim4safety. I will call in one or more team members from partner companies individually and according to customer needs.

Jerry Allen

Jerry is a leader in crisis management

Jerry Allen is a leading authority on crisis management and business continuity, particularly in the logistics, aviation, and hospitality sectors. In his 20 years of international consulting experience, he has carried out numerous assignments on site to provide direct support to customers in major crises.

As a consultant to top management, he is best known for his expertise in command and control (C2), crisis communication and resource management.

Kerstin got to know and appreciate Jerry during a lecture in her university days. The two of them have been working together trustfully and successfully for the best possible success of their clients for many years. Together they run CrisisVR Ltd.

Andreia Camichel Fernandes

Andreia, the strong woman for strategy and leadership

Andreia is a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker. She founded SEABRAND with the vision of better connecting the dots between Leadership and Strategy.

In her work at SEABRAND she sees herself as a business curator, passionate about making individuals, teams and companies work better and be more successful through the art of strategic and leadership optimization. One of her areas of research is how we cope with failure in the entrepreneurial and cultural context.

She creates and facilitates global start-up accelerator programmes such as the global entrepreneur week. Andreia helps her clients, that range from diplomats to entrepreneurial professionals, in creating satisfying career paths as well as dealing with challenges such as creating optimal teams.

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